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"Tecvisuals was asked to work under tight deadlines and often had to "read between the lines" to develop content based upon minimal specs. They were adept at translating static media into a dynamic web format. Highly recommended."
Kirk Punches
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Tecvisuals is a web development firm located in Bakersfield, CA with a satellite office in Los Angeles, CA. We strive to provide service at an unparalleled level by putting the customer first and pleasing them to the fullest capacity.

The company was started by Tyson Clayton and has since grown to become a complete source for customized web presence.

More about Tyson Clayton:

Tyson loves to be challenged, growing up as a sports fanatic embedded his aspiration to push beyond limitation with direction and team work in mind. His work is approached with these goals in mind and tackled by utilizing the tools developed over years of experience.

For many years he worked for an e-commerce company as a front-end developer and he likes to think of this as his back bone. The experience taught him to be structurally creative by designing work that is visual appealing, compatible, and targeted for an audience. He wants to keep pushing the envelope and we at Tecvisuals look forward to working with you.

If you'd like to send feedback or inquire about our services, please contact us.